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"Open" means open source and extensible with vendor-neutral products. For example, Asterisk (*), FreePBX, Elastix, and the like.


"VoIP" means voice over IP.


"Directory" means link collection.

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Open VoIP consultants

1013 Buenos Aires, Argentina

company name: HOUSE INTERNET S.R.L.

[ES] Asterisk, VOIP y Linux Consultant [/ES] [EN] Developer of Asternic Call Center Stats, Asternic CDR Reports and Flash Operator Panel
Software Solutions for Asterisk/FreeSwitch based contact centers [/EN]


email: nicolas (at)

telephone: +54 11 4381 2400

address: Talcahuano 167, 3 'A', 1013 Buenos Aires, Argentina

3181 Prahran VIC, Australia

company name: Jesus Tovar

[EN] • Bsc Electronics Engineer & CCNA Certified
• Asterisk PBX,Opensips, Freeswitch Installation and Configuration
• XML Provisioning of Polycom and Grandstream phones
• Deployment of Server Monitoring with Cacti and customised scripting (python/php)
• Linux server support and administration (Centos OS/Debian/Ubuntu)

email: jesus.tovar (at)


1080 Wien, Austria

company name: Avalaris

Die gesamte Telekommunikation aus einer Hand:
• Asterina - unsere Asterisk Business-VoIP Telefonanlage
• Dialpläne exakt auf Kundenbedürfnisse abgestimmt
• Einbindung von Legacy Systemen
• Asterisk Consulting & Tuning
• Call Center Optimierungen
• SIP Trunks
• ISDN / Analog Anbindungen
• Wir implementieren EU-Weit
Entire telecommunications from one source:
• Asterina - our Asterisk Business-VoIP Telefon system
• Dial plans exactly matched to customer requirements
• Integration of legacy systems
• Asterisk Consulting & Tuning
• Call Center Optimizations
• SIP Trunks
• ISDN / Analog Connections
• We imlement EU-wide


telephone: +43 1 4022858

email: asterisk (at)

contact: Mark-Rene Uchida

address: Josefstaedterstrasse 72/1/II, 1080 Wien, Austria

4020 Linz, Austria

company name: ACCM GmbH, Linz

[EN] ACCM is an austrian telephone-system-provider, combining the benefit of traditional telephone systems with the possibilities of Internet. ACCM configures the best solution for your companies needs, regarding least cost, efficiency and scalability. [/EN]


telephone: +43 720 701105

email: office (at)

address: Schubertstrasse 30, 4020 Linz, Austria

4230 Pregarten, Austria

company name: Wolfgang Pichler

[EN] Development of custom asterisk applications.
I have done the following Asterisk applications: LCDial, Calling Card Applications, MysqlPool, DBQuery, DBRewrite
I am also working on an Web Interface for the asterisk system, which does include PBX configuration, Virtual PBX configuration, Callshop System, Calling Card System [/EN]


email: office (at)

telephone: +43-650-8523971

2570 Duffel, Belgium

company name: ESIV bvba

[EN] ESIV bvba Provides Asterisk integration and consulting, ERP/CRM integration. [/EN]

contact: Kris Verhoeven


telephone: +32 15 31 04 46

email: info (at)

address: Enkelstraat 20, 2570 Duffel, Belgium

Waterloo, On, N2T 0A2, Canada

company name: Telium

[EN] Telium provides telephony products and services to companies that require high levels of security and availability, and vehicle to call-center integration. We specialize in creating solutions which allow open source VoIP PBX systems to become suitable for commercial deployment, and in integrating in-vehicle telematics with call center technologies. Customers rely on Telium as a trusted partner to ensure optimal telephony availability, security, integrity, and capabilities. [/EN]


telephone: +1 (519) 266-4357


contact: Jane Otten

address: P.O. Box 33032 Ira Needles Waterloo, On, N2T 0A2 Canada

622 Bogotá, Colombia

company name: Tienda Linux S.A.S.

[EN] Visit our website and shop for details. [/EN] [ES] Visite nuestro sitio web y tienda para más detalles. [/ES]


email: soporte (at)

telephone: +57-1-7978072

mobile: +57-316-227-3593

170317 Quito, Ecuador


[ES] Integrador de soluciones VoIP, venta de equipos, implementación de Call Centers. [/ES]


telephone: +593980508973

email: ventas (at)

contact: Jose Coral

address: Hernandez de Giron Oe4-175 y Vasco de Contreras, 170317 Quito, Ecuador

44700 Orvault, France

company name: celya

[EN] Asterisk Expert, hosted solutions — CELYA is a Nantes-based service company specializing in free software.
We have built in-depth expertise around Voice over IP, including the free ASTERISK IPBX, the SIP Opensips/Kamailio proxy and the various infrastructure tools. [/EN] [FR] CELYA est une société de service Nantaise spécialisée dans les logiciels libres.
Nous avons constitué une expertise très approfondie autour de la voix sur IP, notamment l’IPBX libre ASTERISK, le proxy SIP Opensips/Kamailio et les différents outils d’infrastructure. [/FR]


telephone: +33 2 28 01 56 56

email: commercial (at)

94700 Maisons-Alfort, France

company name: EPIXELIC

[FR] Intégration de solutions de voix sur IP pour les PME et les entrepreneurs [/FR]

contact: Martin Giry, Digium Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP)


telephone: +33 148934000

6840 Götzis, Austria
72764 Reutlingen, Germany
76139 Karlsruhe, Germany
86929 Penzing, Germany
9100 Herisau, Switzerland

company name: CWB-IT GmbH

[DE] Wir kümmern uns um Ihre gesamte Telekommunikation. Vom Telefon bis hin zur Telefonanlage über den SIP Trunk oder die ISDN Leitung. Alles aus einer Hand.
CWB-IT liefert Ihnen mit der selbstentwickelten Telefonanlage GabTel alles, was eine moderne Voice Plattform leisten muss. Instant Messaging, Cloud, VoIP, Video, Smartphone Integration, IVR, Inbound, Outbound, Echtzeit, Hochverfügbarkeitslösung und vieles mehr.
• GabCom - Predictive Dialer und Inbound Suite
• GabTel - Telefonanlage
• GabConnect - SIP trunks, ISDN, Servicerufnummern, Internet
• GabDevelop - Entwicklung von CTI Schnittstellen und jeglicher Software, welche unsere Kunden benötigen [/DE]


telephone: +49 721 / 276612 - 0

email: info (at)

10305 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

company name: SMB Consulting

• VoIP and Open Source Consulting
• Instalation and Configuration Asterisk, trixbox, vicidial • Call center specialists • Asterisk Certifications: dCAP, FTOCC • Reseller of Digium, Sangoma, Snom, Polycom, Grandstream, Astra, Linksys



telephone: +1-809-620-2488

address: C/ Pablo Casals #31, Apto. 103, Ens. Serralles, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

67370 Willgottheim, France

company name: Alsacecom

[EN] ALSACECOM VoIP Product Reseller - France and EU Distribution. dCAP certified. [/EN]


telephone: +33-3 67 10 07 35


67140 Zellwiller, France

company name:

[FR] TOOTAI fourni des solutions de services de communications par Internet (VoIP/ToIP/FoIP/SoIP) basées sur le système Linux. [/FR] [EN] We provide VoIP solutions based on Linux system. [/EN]


telephone: +33 368 460 088



10553 Berlin, Germany

company name: PostMet-Netzwerk GmbH, Berlin

[EN] Asterisk and TrixBox solution, remote installation, VoIP over IPsec [/EN]


telephone: +49-30-57708170

SIP: ceo (at)


contact: Alexander Kosyrew

address: Reuchlinstrasse 10-11, 10553 Berlin, Germany

20357 Hamburg, Germany

company name: GmbH

[DE] Beratung, Konzepte, Implementierung und Service rund um Asterisk und Askozia vor allem im norddeutschen Raum.
Asterisk-basierte Entwicklung von Telefonieapplikationen, z.B. Conferencing und Call-Center-Anwendungen. Telefonanlagen bis 1000 Nebenstellen inkl. Themen wie Failover/CTI/Filialkonzepte etc., Patton SmartNode zertifizierte Techniker. Integration von Asterisk mit Open Source CRM-Systemen, Kopano-Groupware und anderen Lösungen. [/DE]


telephone: +49 - (0)40 - 41436-0

fax: +49 - (0)40 - 41436-414

email: kontakt (at)

contact: Dipl.-Inf. FH Carsten Brunke

address: Schulterblatt 124, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

20537 Hamburg, Germany

company name: hagel IT-Services GmbH, Hamburg

[DE] Wir bieten Beratung sowie komplette Installationen Asterisk-basierender Telefonanlagen. Anschliessend uebernehmen wir gerne den 24/7 Support. [/DE]


telephone: +49-40-28410260

email: mailto:info (at)

21029 Hamburg, Germany

company name: mk solutions

[DE] mk solutions bietet massgeschneiderte Kommunikationsloesungen auf Basis von Asterisk im Großraum Hamburg an. Beratung, Konzeption, Installation und Wartung. Als Komplettsystem oder als Erweitung einer vorhandenen TK-Anlage. [/DE]


telephone: +49-40-41493636

email: mkeuter (at)

contact: Michael Keuter

address: August-Bebel-Straße 65, 21029 Hamburg, Germany

45279 Essen, Germany

company name: Linuxhotel

[DE] In unserem Asterisk Kurs lernen Sie in 3 Tagen, wie Sie einen Asterisk Server aufbauen. [/DE]


telephone: +49-201-8536-600

email: info (at)

contact: Ingo Wichmann

address: Antonienallee 1, 45279 Essen, Germany

52064 Aachen, Germany

company name: Philipp von Klitzing

[DE] Berater zu Asterisk, VoIP und Lotus Notes/Domino [/DE]
[EN] Consultant for Asterisk, VoIP and Lotus Notes/Domino [/EN]

telephone: +49-176-24234695

email: phil (at)

address: N/A

56862 Pünderich, Germany

company name: UG

[DE] Die UG konzentriert sich ganz auf den professionellen Einsatz von Asterisk. Unser Fokus liegt hierbei im Call Center und CTI Bereich. Neben unseren Dienstleistungen im Support und der Anpassung von ViciDial bieten wie auch sowohl regelmäßige Schulungen zu den Themen Vicidial, Asterisk und VoIP an als auch die Möglichkeit sie vor Ort zu schulen. Selbstverständlich unterstützen wir Sie auch in der Integration mit existierenden Systemen, dem Anschluss mit Primärmultiplex (S2m) und beim Betrieb redundanter Asterisk Cluster. Mit unserer Library ist auch die CTI Integration in Windows Programme kein Problem. Unser Entwickler Support unterstützt Sie gerne auch mit der Beantwortung einzelner Fragen im Rahmen eines Beratungsvertrages oder von Stundenkontingenten! [/DE]



email: info (at)

telephone: +49-6542-9348890

address: Hauptstr. 75, 56862 Pünderich, Germany

61250 Usingen, Germany

company name: TELEFAKS.DE

[DE] Wir beraten Sie bei der Installation und Pflege von Telefonlagen auf Basis von Freeswitch, Asterisk und SipX für mittelständische Unternehmen. Daneben integrieren wir Videoconferenz-Lösungen und SIP-Router (OpenSIPS/Kamailio). Unsere Spezialitäten sind:
• Voice-Applikationen mittels eigenem Application-Server für Asterisk und Freeswitch, Definition der Voice-Applikationen per GUI
• verschlüsselte und abhörsichere Kommunikation und Telefonkonferenzen via TLS/SRTP, sowie Verschleierung der Identität der Gesprächspartner
• die Integration von Kommunikationslösungen in Mehrwertlösungen, z.B Geocoding eingehender Anrufe, Kopplung mit Alarmsystemen, Integration von Datenbanken, Abrechnungssystemen usw.
Server-, Virtualisierungs-, Cluster- und Backup-Lösungen auf Linux-Basis runden unser Portfolio ab. [/DE]


telephone: +49-6081-688533


contact: Peter Steinbach

address: Theo-Geisel-Strasse 25, 61250 Usingen, Germany

73037 Göppingen, Germany

company name: SmartGart, c/o Klaus Hildner

[DE] Beratung, Entwurf, Implementierung und Support von VoIP- und IP-Video-Systemen, insbesondere für anspruchsvolle Endbenutzer und Kleinunternehmen von 5 – 20 Mitarbeiter. Automation mit openHAB, VoIP mit Asterisk und Integration beider Systeme auf Hutschiene oder im 19" Rack. Automatisierungs- und Alarm-/Signalisierungstechnik in Gebäuden und Industrie. [/DE]
[EN] Consulting, design, implementation and support of VoIP and IP video systems, especially for sophisticated end users and small enterprises from 5 – 20 employees. Automation with openHAB, VoIP with Asterisk and integration of both systems on DIN rail or 19" rack. Automation and alarm/signalling technology in buildings and industry. [/EN]


telephone: +49-7161-30491320

email: info (at)

contact: Klaus Hildner, dCAA

address: Leonhardstrasse 4, 73037 Göppingen, Germany

26443 Patras, Greece

company name: Telcosol

[EN] IT & Telco Solutions: VoIP solutions, Asterisk PBX, Billing, IVR, Applications for Call centers, SMB's. [/EN]


telephone: +30-26-10009000

email: info (at)

01010 Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

company name: ing. Paulo Cesar Alvarado

[ES] Soporte para Asterisk PBX y todas sus variantes, Call Centers, Asterisk SS7 [/ES]


email: info (at)

19166 Tehran, Iran
25250 Masshad, Iran

company name: Nasim Telecom (VoIP98 Group)

[EN] Nasim Telecom (VoIP98 Group) focus on solutions based on Open source applications in Iran, Software and Hardware Development and specialized Distribution of VoIP products. thanks to our deep technical knowhow and special management model tailored for a group of geeks.
Specialties: VoIP, Communication, Telecom, NGN/IMS, Call Center, Fax Server [/EN]


address: Vali Asr Square, the Iranian Business Complex, 19166 Tehran, Iran

10128 Torino, Italy

company name: XeniaLAB

[EN] Xenialab provides Asterisk professional services and Software focused con the contact center market. The current flagship solution is named XCALLY: it is available in many languages, and used in more than 50 countries around the world.
XCALLY provides real time dashboards, drag and drop IVR designer, workflow, API, advanced reports, and Omni-Channel features, adding multiple interaction methods to the voice channel (i.e. Email, Web Chat, SMS, Fax and many social media). [/EN]


telephone: +39-011-19886500


35100 Padova, Italy

company name: Ing. Giuseppe Mazzucato /

[IT] Consulenza organizzativa ed Informatica focalizzata su Open Source in generale ed in particolare Asterisk [/IT]
[EN] IT and organization consultancy fosus on Open Source Software, specifically an Asterisk PBX [/EN]


telephone: +39 049 8595704

email: direzione (at)

address: Via Ca' Rasi 9D, 35142 Padova, Italy

36100 Vicenza, Italy

company name: Infovi srl

[IT] Consulenza operativa e implementativa su soluzioni telefoniche full-IP basate su piattaforma Asterisk. Calcolo del ROI e analisi economica delle spese telefoniche (costi fissi e variabili).
Forniamo sistemi telefonici basati su centralini IP da noi installati e configurati "chiavi in mano", integrandoli anche con l'infrastruttura informatica aziendale (CRM, rubriche, software dedicati...) per utilizzo di linee Telecom ISDN/RTG affiancate a linee VoIP con numerazioni geografiche singole o passanti 10/100/1000 numeri, oltre a soluzioni custom, ad esempio livechat da sito web, interfacce UMTS/GSM, apriporta, citofoni, pagers, ecc.
Siamo Snom Premium Parrtner e disponiamo di personale Snom SCE.
Ci occupiamo inoltre di virtualizzazione e consolidamento, assistenza sistemistica, linee fonia e dati (rame, fibra e 3G), servizi web e cloud, implementazione di sistemi Microsoft client/server, reti Wireless, networking, web development e sviluppo software, hosting, housing, sistemi di sicurezza, sistemi audio/video e disponiamo di svariate certificazioni, tra cui Fortinet Bronze Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, VMware Professional Solution Provider e VMware Professional Service Provider. [/IT]

telephone: +39-(0)444 1788000

email: info (at)


59100 Prato, Italy

company name: Leandro Dardini

[IT] Leandro è un freelancer a cui piace lavorare con Asterisk e con tutto il mondo Open Source. Fornisce supporto e consulenza. [/IT]

telephone: +39-3474501445

email: ldardini (at)

65121 Pescara, Italy

company name: Abruzzo On Line

[EN] FlexPBX (brand of Abruzzo On Line) is an Asterisk based PBX manufacturer situated in Center Italy. It provides a wide range of Asterisk solutions for help desk, call centers, small offices. [/EN]


technical contact:

telephone: +39-085-2061113

email: flexpbx (at)

84121 Salerno, Italy

company name: Giuseppe Mirra, Omignano Scalo

[EN] Giuseppe Mirra Creazione ed Assitenza Centralini Voip Asterisk, Soluzioni per Telelavoro. [/EN]

Home page:

telephone: +39-328-6132006

email: gmirra (at)

LV-1011 Riga, Latvia

company name: PostMet SIA

• Asterisk/Linux installation and configuration, tuning and integration, interactive training, maintenance and support.
• Billing systems for Asterisk.
• H.323, SIP, IAX2 traffic termination A-Z.
• Asterisk VoIP hardware shop - voice cards, PIP phones, PoE switches, pre-configured SIP servers -



telephone: +371 67 204 394

email: mailrobot (at)

address: Kengaraga 10a, LV-1011 Riga, Latvia

50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

company name: Miniatel

[AR]هشت سال سابقه در زمینه طراحی راه حل های اختصاص سیستم تل�نی مبتنی بر استریسک و هم خانواده های آن از جمله �ری پی بی اکیس - کامیلیو - استرنیک و غیره - دارای مدارک حر�ه ای شبکه صدا از شرکت سیسکو و دیجیوم[/AR]
• 8 years of experience on asterisk and other related solutions such as FreePBX, A2Billing, Kamailio, Asternic, etc.
• Digium Certified Asterisk Professional
• CCNA voice certified
• Asterisk AGI programming and customized panel


telephone: +60175649736

contact: Omid Mohajerani

email: omid dot mohajerani (at) gmail dot com

skype: omid.mohajerani (at)

90000 Tanger, Maroc

company name: Mentis Development & Services

Services offered are:
• IT & Telecom Consulting
• Installation of Asterisk PBX
• Training in Asterisk PBX
• Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
• Value Added Services : Mix between Voice, SMS, IVR, Fax, reporting, etc.

telephone: +212 666 105 516

Contact: Hatim Benhaddou

Email: hatim (at)


11171 Pazundaung, Myanmar

company name: Nay Myo Win

• Asterisk/FreePBX consultant
• Asterisk based IP PBX professional service
• IVR, FXO/FXS, Dial plan, Conference Phone configuration, Voice Mail.
• • Android/iphone/Nokia Phones with native SIP support for Asterisk using wifi PBX
• Zentyal Linux Server Setup.
• Technical Support for products: Avaya Nortel, Grandstream, ATCOM, Openvox, Digium, Xorcom, Sangoma, Cisco

contact: Nay Myo Win

email: naymyowin (at)

telephone: +95912345

4261 AD Wijk en Aalburg, Netherlands

company name: aPeer Consultancy, Geert Sillekens, dCAP

• Het werkterrein van aPeer is uitsluitend Asterisk / FreePBX implementaties.
• 8+ jaar ervaring met asterisk.
• For Asterisk and FreePBX VoIP implementations.
• Give your IT Staff a Jump Start with our Asterisk knowledge.
• Technical expertise in SIP and IAX2 basesd connectivity, software development.
• Many complex intergation projects delivered for PBX and Business applications.
• NEW: Browser integration with WebRTC and Asterisk. Check out our website.


email: info (at)

telephone: +31 85 7731900

address: Maasdijk 65, 4261 AD Wijk en Aalburg, Netherlands

Wada Kaduna, Nigeria
Raymore, MO 64083, USA


[EN] Distributors of ZOOM Line of Products. ATA's and DSL Modems.
Consultant and Providers of Telecommunication solutions, provide VoIP-PSTN Gateway, Asterisk based VoIP PBX solutions for hotels, small and large businesses, Broadband Services..DSL.....DSLAM specialty...Lucent, Adtran, AFC, Marconi. Compact Call Center Solutions, Calling Card systems. [/EN]

email: CyvotelNigeria (at), info (at)


telephone 1: +2377033015680

address 1: K.W.1.Kaltungo Road T, Wada Kaduna, Nigeria (no zip code)

telephone 2: +1-8162070041

address 2: 1403 Essex Court, Raymore, MO 64083, USA

Lahore, 54000, Pakistan

company name: EICSS

[EN] We offer traditional telephony to VoIP bridge hardware and related software. Most of our customers use Asterisk on our platforms for custom application development. [/EN]


email: info (at)

1200 Makati City, Philippines
6000 Cebu City, Philippines

company name: NEXTIX INC

[EN] NEXTIC INC focuses on technology solutions for Start-up and Rapidly Growing Call Centers. The company has done extensive testing, troubleshooting and installation of asterisk for real world production environment. Its integrated technology package is complemented by a dedicated technical support team that provides expert business process support services to boost the client's competitive advantage in the highly dynamic call center industry.
NextIX technical support and development team are Digium certified professionals.
NextIX also operates an offshore call center and medical transcription company in the Philippines. [/EN]


email: sales (at)

address 1: 3F Montivar Bldg 34 Jupiter St. Brgy Bel-Air, 1200 Makati City, Philippines

address 2: 6F Trends Plaza F. Ramos St. Brgy Cogon-Ramos, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

company name: Jan Prunk

• Asterisk installation and configuration
• Linux system administration (Debian, Ubuntu)
• Free Software and Open Source support

email: janprunk (at)


08024 Barcelona, Spain

company name: Clarcat

Clarcat provides all the services that will allow you to put your Asterisk switchboard into place and gain the most out of it:
• Designing of the Asterisk configuration for the switchboard, call centre, telephones and softphones that is best adapted to your needs.
• Installation, configuration and tuning.
• Support, maintenance and training.
• Installation of Asterisk communication software such as elastix or trixbox.
Clarcat proporciona todos los servicios que le permitirán poner en marcha su centralita y obtener de ella el máximo partido:
• Diseño de la configuración Asterisk de: Centralita, Call center, Teléfonos o softphones que se ajusten mejor a sus necesidades.
• Instalación, configuración y afinamiento.
• Soporte, mantenimiento y formación.
• Instalación de las distribuciones Asterisk más reconocidas.


contact: Sebastià Pla Sanz

telephone: +34-902-870010

email: info (at)

08041 Barcelona, Spain

company name: CSR online

[EN] Asterisk Comercial Vendor and Support in SPAIN, special speed and up plattforms physical or clouded [/EN]


contact: David Pablo

telephone: +34-911201995

email: davidp (at)

07800 Eivissa, Spain

company name: Secure Path SL

[EN] Asterisk Consultant, Free Lance, Asterisk Guru, ( Installation, Configurations, Integrations,Development, Tuning, Secure Solutions, Anti wire-tapping expertise over GSM,ISDN,E1,T1,Analog lines)
Services erogation for Secure Voip Calls SRTP/TLS interconnections
Creator of FARO IP PBX [/EN]

mobile: +39 3291871756

mobile: +34 675111833

email: ac (at)



contact Andrea Cristofanini

address: C/ Pere de Portugal, 11 entresòl, 07800 Eivissa, Spain

2196 Rosebank, South Africa

company name: Exotic Systems cc

[EN] Custom designed VoIP telephony solutions based on Asterisk and other open source software. [/EN]


telephone: +27 10 130 0010

email: sales (at)

1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

company name: Telco Pack SA

[EN] Telco Pack SA provides high quality VoIP solutions. Based on a study of your specific needs, we offer you a customized package including hardware, software and services. [/EN]


email: contact (at)

phone: +41 21 647 30 75

2053 Cernier, Switzerland

company name:

[EN] Primarily focused on free (libre) software development, deployment and consulting, we also developped voice-over-IP solutions, such as custom developped IVRs, call deflection, call routing. Feel free to contact us as required. Spoken languages are French, English and German. [/EN]


telephone: +41 328 41 40 14

contact: Marc Schaefer


33383 Taoyuan City, Taiwan

company name: OSSLab Solution

[EN] Service provided:
• Asterisk/PIAF/Elastix/Trixbox Installation and Cofiguration
• Calling Card system based on A2Billing
• Call Center system based on vicidial/goautodial
• IVR Customization for specific business needs


email: alang (at)

9812 Dubai, UAE

company name: Numan Khan

[EN] dCAA (Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator)
Freelance Asterisk/Trixbox Professional
• Experienced Asterisk professional available as Freelancer.
• AGI, AMI, IVR,Asterisk to Database, CRM,Texttospeech. IAX2 Trunking, PRI configuration/Analog lines
• Complete Call Center Setup with 100+ extension at very reasonable cost. [/EN]


email: numan (at)

mobile 1: +971-55-874-7038

mobile 2: +971-50-172-9382

St Albans, AL3 4PQ, UK

company name: Smartvox Limited

[EN] Consultancy services for Asterisk and OpenSIPS based solutions. Specialists in bespoke resilient solutions for ITSP and Hosted Service providers. [/EN]

contact: John Quick


telephone: +44-(0)1727 221221

email: info (at)

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LF, UK

company name: KCCVoIP - K C Communications - UK - EU - US

[EN] KCCVoIP has over 20 years experience providing computer communications consultancy, support and design services. Complete call center design, business VoIP, IP PBX integration, lab testing, onsite and remote support, custom contact center software, network baseline and QoS verification, ISDN replacement, Legacy PBX integration, Bit level diagnostics, Design Consultants - Asterisk - Cisco - Avaya – Asterisk, dCAP, multi-vendor & Cisco qualified. [/EN]


email: info (at)

telephone UK/EU: +44 1207 668118

telephone US: +1 646 570 1658

04213 Kiev, Ukraine

company name: PearlPBX, c/o Alexey Radetsky

[EN] PearlPBX is a self-hosted project with a GUI for Asterisk. [/EN]


email: rad (at)

telephone: +380(50)4139380

skype: alex.radetsky

Kearny, NJ 07032, USA

company name: Carlos Rojas

Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Asterisk PBX systems:
• CRM Ingegrations
• Documentation of new and existing deployments
• Integration with provisioning files with Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream
• Hourly and retained consulting services
• Kamailio integrations
• Customizing frepbx, thirdlane.
• Integration with pstn cards, Sangoma cards, digium cards, openvox, and gateways.


telephone: +1 201-667-0779

email: crt.rojas (at)

skype: crt.rojas

Lakeside, MT 59922, USA

company name: Nivindel LLC

[EN] We provide on-site Asterisk integration in northwest Montana, USA and programming/consulting for Asterisk world-wide. Please contact us for a free consultation [/EN]


email: info (at)

telephone: +1-406-844-2550

skype: nivindel

Chicago, IL 60634, USA

company name: Friendly Solutions Corp.

[EN] We are located in Chicago and we provide the following services:
• Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Asterisk-based systems. We are working with Asterisk since 2006.
• Computer Maintenance plans
• General Computer Support
• CRM Solutions


telephone: +1 (773) 957-7800

email: support (at)

Leawood, KS 66206, USA

company name: SAR Consulting LLC

• Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Asterisk Soft PBX systems
• CRM integration
• Documentation of new and existing deployments
• Specializing in Polycom IP phones
• Hourly and retained consulting services


email: steve (at)

telephone: +1 (913) 963-8111

Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

company name: Arrowtel

• Specializing in asterisk based solutions
• Local installs in Southern California, USA - Support Worldwide
• Provides design and support of any Asterisk-based PBX of all sizes


email: info (at)

telephone: 800-284-3842

Irvine, 92602 CA, USA

company name: Asterisk Pros

• Local installs in Southern California, USA - Support Worldwide
• Provides design and support of any Asterisk-based PBX of all sizes, Polycom and Queuemetrics
• Specializes in interfacing with external database systems, and call centers
• Also has full-IT staff to troubleshoot end-to-end network setups


email: contact (at)

telephone: +1 (949) 200-3200

Freevoice, Placentia, CA 92870, USA

company name: Freevoice

Provider and of Asterisk based Call Center Solutions. Our cloud products install in a few hours with no setup fees or commitments. Rates as low as a penny a minute for termination.
• Digium dCAP certified since 2005
• Local installs in Southern California, USA - Support Worldwide
• Advanced queue knowledge and CRM integration
• Predictive dialer solutions


contact: Chad Harmon

address: 711 W Kimberly Ave, Suite 125, Placentia CA 92870, USA

email: Sales (at)

telephone: +1 (714) 499-9000

South Beach, OR 97366, USA

company name: Crosstalk Solutions, Chris Sherwood

VoIP consulting and application development company for Asterisk and FreePBX. [/EN]



twitter: @CrosstalkSol

email: chris (at)

telephone: +1 (541) 351-8310

Open VoIP hardware

Digium, Huntsville, AL 35806, USA


Digium offers IP phones, business phone systems, such as Switchvox IP PBX, and custom communications solutions for Asterisk.

Open VoIP software

AsteriskNow, Huntsville, AL 35806, USA


AsteriskNOW is an IP PBX bootable ISO image.



FreePBX is a web-based open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk (PBX), an open source communication server. FreePBX is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), an open source license. FreePBX can be installed manually or as part of the pre-configured FreePBX Distro that includes the system OS, Asterisk, FreePBX GUI and assorted dependencies.



Elastix is an open-standards, software-based PBX which is easy to install and manage. Based on Debian and 3CX, it includes smartphone clients, integrated WebRTC based web conferencing, automatic provisioning of gateways and phones and much more. Its is configured securely out of the box to protect you against VoIP hackers.

ScopServ, 2191 Gauteng, South Africa


The ScopTEL applications suite is a complete IP PBX management system based on the Asterisk open-source technology.
The ScopTELâ„¢ intuitive graphic interface benefits from the whole set of the Asterisk platform proven functionalities and even more, thus making it incomparably easily accessible to any user.

website: is a cloud based real-time dashboard platform for Asterisk/FreePBX contact centers.

MiRTA PBX, Dover, DE 19901, USA


The MiRTA PBX is an interface written in PHP using Mysql as backend to manage a multitenant PBX built over the Asterisk Open Source PBX.